Wednesday, February 07, 2001


i don't remember that they name storms, but it seems this year i am noticing that. (actually, i find that i don't remember alot of things lately - or -people either, but that a whole 'nuther blog....) ok, so if it has a name, it must be a relatively good size storm, perhaps dangerous on the roads, schools are cancelled, businesses are closed. so, why does a parent let a 17-year-old out driving in his brand new utility vehicle? how do you loose control of your children? does it come to a point that you can no longer put your foot down? at 17???!! i hope not, i don't think so. do these parents have any idea where their children are? where are the parents? home? shoveling out their driveways? don't they wonder/worry where their children are? how exactly does a 17-year-old just get in his car and LEAVE the house? i don't understand. maybe some of these people on sally jesse raphael are for real, after all.