Wednesday, January 10, 2001


i guess no one on eileen's christmas card list cares to look at her web site!! (or mine either).

Monday, January 08, 2001

tuesday jan 9 is my favorite nephew's birthday..he's 26 (i had to look it up -- that means he was only going on 5 when i got married, i don't remember him being that young then) everyone keeps telling tim he has to find a girlfriend.. i say let him be. tha'ts because i can't find one good enough for him --- all the young girls i know party and drink too much!

i love tim and i think he likes me too. he is great. and good looking too. he is so smart.

you can always count on tim to help you out whenever you need anything, like his dad. he is patient. he is responsible. i wish i knew him better.

tim is sensible. and did i say responsible? and clean, too. (haha)

Tim is the one who designed my blog site and changes it without telling me! he helped us pick out our new computer. i think he spends alot of time on the computer, probably looking for blogs to borrow. he has the same sense of humor i have, altho i don't think he knows it. many times we have laughed at the same things, i don't think he noticed. i don't want to scare him or make him think he is like ME in any way!

so i hope he has a happy birthday and many more happy days.

Friday, January 05, 2001


On december 30, we had our first MAJOR snow storm of the season, it even had a name, it was AUDRY. Started in the morning and pretty much ended by evening time, but it was big.

On sunday, anna was scheduled to have her very first driving instruction on the road. we thought of this on saturday, during the storm, called the school and there was no answer. why would there be? (there was a major snow storm going on, no one was working today) when the owner of sears driving school called the next morning at 8 am to confirm, and i looked out the window and saw a fresh inch of snow covering the ground, i said, no way would she be driving today. i was informed there would be a $40 cancellation fee if she didn't show up. i also called the local police station to find out the conditions of the roads and was informed that the "trucks were still out and the roads were icy"... and no, officer fratus would not let her daughter drive today for her first driving instruction.

so, now i am stuck. i have already paid for 4 lessons, only 3 of which are now scheduled and they refuse to schedule the 4th until we pay the $40. i e-mailed the national customer realtions department of sears, who called me back. I explained the situation, was put on hold while they got me a "manager". when the manager came on, i realized it was the manager of the local sears driving school i was talking to. what sense does that make?? i obviously had a problem with this particular school, wanted advice from the "higher ups" and they transfer me back to the original source????????????????

this is not over yet.