Friday, December 22, 2000


ok, i'm in the "panic" mode -- for alot of reasons............. but the one i'm worried about MOST right now is this:

momblog sent out this site's address in her christmas cards!!! who knows who is on her christmas list - i'm sure it is extensive, she's quite the popular girl.... but i have NEVER EVER given this address to ANYONE, not even my closest friends!! (i've told them about it, but that's all) i just assume the people who may read my blog are unknown to me, other than my immediate family members. so, who are you? e-mail me if you're on the christmas card list, i feel like i want to know who, if anyone, is out there actually holding the christmas letter in hand, and going to visit my site! i'm not sure how i will write now, now that people i know or may not know, may or may not be reading........ i can't explain this in words very well, but it's odd. for example, i'm thinking one of eileen's friends may say, "boy, eileen's sister is weird"

i am, but you didn't know it before.

Thursday, December 21, 2000

whoo hoo.......... i finally got a new computer - goodbye MAC, hello DELL. i actually see buttons that just may let me post and publish, i'm going to try it right away ----

i've had to have my favorite nephew post for me, lately, but now that i may be able to do it myself, i can get back to blogging, i have lots to say! so come back....... please

Wednesday, December 06, 2000


Apparently, for some managers, doing an annual performance review of their employees is comparable to filling out an income-tax form. It’s not a process that anybody likes, but it has to be done.

The problem is, if management is taking that approach, it can’t possibly have positive effects.

If an employee evaluation is well thought out and properly applied, it indicates to the employee that management is fair. Management needs to recognize that employees have more than a right to know how they are doing.

They have a NEED to know and meeting or failing to meet that need will have a direct effect on their performance. It is not a matter of curiosity, but a true need, an essential link of communication. An employee wants his work to be satisfactory to his manager. If it is, the employee will feel a sense of pride and security and even a desire to do better. Positive feedback helps to motivate the employee to improve.

The employee is not the only one with the "need to know". The manager or supervisor needs to carry out the essential process of communication between employee and manager. If the employee is doing less than satisfactory work and this performance is correctable, the manager needs to convey this information and arrange for improvement. If the employee's work is satisfactory, the manager has a stake in that person't future and must encourage continued satisfactory performance. These needs can be met only through timely evaluations and communication about the evaluation.