Sunday, November 26, 2000

waaaaaa....they didn't even put my name in......... or tim's either. my usaweekend of fame doesn't exist..... now i'll never have a chance - that was supposed to be it!

"It was fun but what a waste of a good story. If only the author recognized what a good article it could have been if she bothered to write about us! and include some good sized photos............."
quote from momblog

Thursday, November 23, 2000


football game? blog? football game? blog? football game? blog? those are my decisions i am weighing right now...... it has been like this all week long --- i have SO many things going on in my life, i don't know which to do first. it is a good life, for sure. whenever someone tells me they are bored, i want to hand them one of my "things to do".

my vacation was paradise, i just can't get over it. parnami says, "cruising is like dreaming only being wide awake". so true. so my priority was to get my photo album (s) together in time to share with the family on thanksgiving....... whether they like it or not..... ha ha i know i will have fun. so that's done, over 300 photos and i am so disappointed because there are certains things/people i didn't get shots of---- i wanna go back!!! i am also working on what was going to be a "cruise review" to post on the internet, but it's turning out to be more like a journal..... i may post it anyway. so then i had to put away the summer clothes and take out the winter clothes, and sort and throw out, etc. etc. wich my house was big enough to just leave it all out. even the attic is getting smaller.

now there's the $10,000 shopping spree thing given by the local radio station. thanks to kathryn, i am now "qualified", one out of only 101. i know those odds are good, i know i won't be the one to win........ but......... WHAT IF??????? i need a plan. believe it or not, it's hard. time is limited and sponsers have to be visited. what town will i end up in? i need a plan, and an alternative plan.

ok, so now maybe i'll join my family at the football game.

COMING SOON: job evaluations. i've this topic on my mind.

Monday, November 06, 2000

Right now, I'm LOST AT SEA !

Thursday, November 02, 2000

i am exhausted. i am on the FINAL COUNTDOWN, leaving tomorrow. i just got to work, i took two wrong turns on my way in and i had to stop (slow down) at least half a dozen times to try to remember where i was going.... i have so many things on my mind today.

thanks to my favorite nephew, you can actually read about my adventures while on vaca, if you might be interested, by clicking on "lost at sea"... (hope not) don't know how good it will turn out, but i'm going to try it.

poor matte, (our dog) she k-n-o-w-s something is going on and she is looking quite sad... even though k.p. will be staying with her, she doesn't like it when we are away. hope she eats this time!!