Wednesday, September 20, 2000

"miiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssss, where's my SOUP. i was supposed to get SOUP!"

"oh, i am so sorry, maam, i didn't hear you order soup. what type of soup shall i bring you?"

"i ordered the VEGETABLE soup"

"i'm so so sorry, maam, but we don't have vegetable soup.... we do have clam chowder, etc....."

" but i want VEGETABLE soup, it's says on the menu you have it.
i just FLEW into the house, dying to write down what i think is f-u-n-n-y. i just got back from the high school - my day always abruptly ends at 2 pm when i have to go pick up the kids - but today nobody needed a ride home, but adam forgot his soccer cleats, so i had to go anyway and i figured since he was ONLY coming to the car to get his things, i wouldn't have to park way in the lot where no one could notice me (or them getting in a VAN)... so, that explains WHY i was parked right smack in FRONT of the school.

as usual, the "gastapo" was positioned in the parking lot, making sure i don't know what yet and i noticed the "lieutenant" (vice principal) positioned slightly under a tree sitting her fat a$$ under a tree, sorta inconspicious....... and these two luv-birds show up and proceed to MAKE OUT not two feet in front of her and i am watching from behind my mirrored sunglasses, figuring no one can see where i am looking and i look at the l-a-d-y and she looks STRAIGHT INTO MY EYES, shakes her head and yells at them, explainning, of course, about "time and place for such things..."

anyway, i thought it was funny.
ok, forget it.... don't know my "address"....... don't know how to tell anyone how to find me......... had two (2!) system errors...... it's NOT 7:24 am - it's 11:10 am....... it has little kids on it.......... it's ugly............. i didn't pay attention to paragraphs......... writing sucks........... never went shopping, yet and the beet stuff is STILL THERE!!!!!!

oh yea, i need a new computer, maybe i'll be back in january!

(did i say 2 crashes? well, now it's THREE)..... and i figured out how to get rid of the little kids, so there!

AND i figured out how to fix the time....... hey this is FUN
euwwwwwww, euuuuuuuw, eeeeeeeeeeuw......
however, it's spelled, it still g-r-o-s-s!

i tried my hand at borscht - yes, beet soup, i love it and i found a recipe the other day while looking for something different to make for my family besides pasta, chicken or burgers...(ended up with chicken, but it was different). i don't know if it was all the talk about ukranian ancestry going on lately or what, but i really really wanted beet soup. so i threw in this that and whatever popsie's hastily scribbled notes said. (popsie is my husband's ukranian uncle) the house smelt SO GOOD. i kept going outside just so i could come back in and smell it again. anyway, it sucked. it tasted like beets in water. i put it in the fridge even tho my husband said to throw it out. today i asked momblog what to do, as usual, she has all the answers and immediately phoned me with recipe ideas of hers. sounded good, i was feeling great, things were looking up, i was gonna get my borscht after all........... i took out the shredded beets, and used the same broth and sorta started again, only this time i was to put the greens and veggies in the foodprocessor after - sounds good, i thought, but guess what!!!! looks like baby food, i think i'm gonna puke!
i'm going shopping, maybe it will be gone when i get back, like a phantom maid will arrive and clean all twenty pots i used!

by the way, i only started this blogging stuff to pi$$ mark off.

ok, don't know what i'm doing........ gonna hit the publish button and maybe some day i'll come back and figure out the cool stuff.